Keeping Americans Fat - One Festival at a Time

One Friday afternoon earlier this summer, while perusing the net for some “what to-dos” for the weekend in the Greater Kansas City metro I found this:

It's official: Food trucks have arrived. The first annual Westport Food Truck Festival is tonight and Saturday at the Back Yard at the Beaumont Club. There will be 17 food trucks joining the collection of graphic artists and designers selling locally made goods at The Westport Marketplace.
Don't miss the burger at the Good You, the sausages from Guerrilla Gourmet or the barbecue smoked, pulled pork tamales. Holy Crepe is driving up from St. Louis and 3 Girls Cupcakes will be their on Saturday with Cherry Mash and S'Mores cupcakes. The event costs $5 per day ($10 for a two-day pass), and it runs from 5 p.m. to midnight Friday and 3 p.m. to midnight Saturday.
Upon further reading, we are not unique. They’re holding these type of “events” all over the country and for no special reason other than to gather and eat junk food.
I don’t know if I’m more appalled by the idea that someone actually figured out that people would not only show up in droves for high calorie, high fat junk food served off the side of some glorified pickup OR that they would pay an ADMISSION to do so!

Our Fair City was holding a Roach Coach Festival!
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You're Not Going to Eat That Are You?!?!

Spaghetti Hot Dogs? Hot Dogs with Spaghetti? Jellyfish on a plate?

Spaghetti cooked in hot dogs (clarification: hot dog chunks). Makes me want to blow chunks. This is the grossest looking food or cooking idea I have ever seen. And this is for kids! Yuk, again. Hot dogs are one of the most unhealthy meat products there is. Hot dogs are only topped on the Gross-O-Meter by bacon and spam. Bologna doesn't count because, it's hot dog meat in bigger packaging.

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