Fiesta Cinco de Mayo in Su Casa!

It’s not too late to make your plans for an at home Fiesta Cinco de Mayo, unless of course you're already in Mexico or San Diego and if you are-I'm totally jealous!  If you live in a warm climate or just love shrimp, then are you in for a treat!  I've had several requests for the Ceviche Recipe, so what better timing than Cinco de Mayo?  Ceviche is a cold main dish, it’s Mexican, it’s pretty, and it’s super easy!  All you do is chop, stir, chill and arrange.

Ceviche serves 4-6
Growing up in Texas, I somehow missed ever trying this dish, I had never heard of Ceviche till last year.  That may have been due in part to the fact that my mom was German and I didn’t learn to cook Tex-Mex till I was out living on my own.  My family loves Mexican food and I love Mexico, its people and the culture.  A quick glance around my kitchen and you’ll pick up on that real fast:

Clay flowers

Frida switch & Talavera outlet covers 

Floor with Talavera tile inserts

Talavera Parrot
When I went through the produce department at the grocery store while shopping for the ingredients, I lucked out big time.  A lot of produce (key ingredients) was on sale and from Mexico!

Limes 5/$1
Vine ripened tomatoes .69 lb
Oranges 2/$1


This recipe will generously feed 4-6 people
2 lbs. frozen cooked shrimp
5-6 limes (juice)
1 c. fresh tomatoes (diced)
1 green pepper (chopped)
4 T cilantro or parsley (chopped) or a small 3/4” -1” bunch (discard the stems)
¼ t salt
¼ t pepper
Finely minced fresh jalepeno pepper (I used about 4 thin slices but I could have doubled that, it wasn’t very hot at all)
2 T white vinegar
Dash of Tabasco (according to taste)

Optional garnishes:
Avocado wedges
Cucumber sliced
Black olives
Orange slices
Lime wedges
·         Thaw shrimp in water and remove tails/shells. Cut into ½” to 1” pieces. Marinate in lime juice overnight. This step cooks the fish overnight. If you use cooked shrimp (like I did), you only need 30 minutes or so. Stir the shrimp often. You can do this while you are chopping/prepping other ingredients.
·         Drain off most of the lime juice, leaving enough to keep shrimp moist
·         Add other ingredients. Stir thoroughly.
·         Serve on a platter with bed of lettuce (optional) and garnish as desired
o   This is a cold dish and very filling. I served it by itself with the garnishes. If more sides are desired, I would recommend melon, fruit salad or other cold veggies. It can also be served as an appetizer or side.
o   Optional: If you have leftovers on the next day, take a small amount of olive oil, a dab of mayo and a few dashes of Tabasco. Mix together first, then add to the Ceviche.
o   This is also made with halibut filets, sea bass or red snapper or a mixture of fish and shrimp. The lime juice overnight marinade is suppose to “cook” the fish and if you use fish, do not add the shrimp until an hour before serving (the shrimp will get tough). I do not care for fish, so I suggest you surf the web and do a little research, because the lime juice is the only “cooking agent.”

Approx:180 calories per serving (based on 4)
Low in fat, sodium and high in protein

Last weekend I cut it in half since there were only 2 of us.  I also made another favorite Mexican dish, guacamole as a side.

Ceviche for 2
This is a super easy recipe that can be altered by added other fish (see note above) or reduced to serve only 2.  So, even if you don't celebrate Cinco de Mayo, if you like shrimp, and easy and healthy foods, give Ceviche a try.

In school in Texas we used to make huge gorgeous paper flowers like these

Till next time,

The Frida light switch cover by Christina Fajardo
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