CD Cases Come from Hell!

I was so excited. I finally found "The Essential Michael Jackson" CD on sale for $12.99. A Deal! Yeah, more like a deal with the devil. I do not know or understand why the recording companies want you to buy their CDs but they really don't want you to listen to them. First they superglue the plastic, tape and outside wrapping on so securely that to get it off you have to use a sharp instrument like those used for autopsies to get the crap off of the actual casing. Then there's that static cling (superglue, remember?) that the plastic has that makes it almost impossible to get from the case into a waste receptacle. If you happen to be fortunate enough to get to this point without harming yourself with the before-mentioned sharp instrument, you now get to open your CD case.
I got that lucky. I managed to get that outer wrapper off my CD, remove CD 1 and listen to "I Want You Back" while driving home with my "deal" of a CD. Once I got home I removed CD 1 from the car's player and take it into the house. A little later, I took my new "The Essential Michael Jackson"double-CD to the computer to load into ITunes. Here's where the fun really begins. Once you make it past the super-glued wrapping and can get to CD 1, it's time to get CD 2 out. You have to get it out, you know you do, you bought it, you want to listen to it. Right? You do want to listen to it? Yes. I did want to listen to CD 2. First I make sure CD 1 is a safe distance away from where I'm working as to avoid the countless of shards of plastic that will be popping out from the CD case and possibly scratching my brand new CD. In the double CDs there is this clear plastic divider that separates the 2 discs. That divider is the only thing separating you from the rest of your music on CD 2.

Now I don't know why the record companies cannot or will not design "a better mousetrap", for this divider thing in the 2 disc CDs. I used a thumb nail, a finger nail, a paper clip, the other thumb nail and a small pair of scissors to try to pry that stinking divider loose so that I could get to my music on that other disc. I chipped my fingernail, both thumbnails, bent the paper clip and chipped off 3 or 4 shards of plastic shrapnel before I finally got that blasted divider loose. Now what I have is CD1 securely in postion in the front of the case and a loose divider with CD 2 behind it just kind of sliding around in there probably getting all scratched up. At least I got it copied into ITunes.


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