Just Tangling Around

Hello friends!
I've had a round with bronchitis this last week and wasn't, you know, I was sick. So in bed I stayed. until this fine Monday morning, where I braved the morning traffic and was only delayed by one wreck and 30 minutes. 

But on to more pressing matters: I made a bookmark for my daughter. I used the pretty but simple SpinRose pattern and colored the flowers with 2 shades of pink. For the leaves I used a glitter pencil and metallic gel pen, as well as highlighting some of the scrolls. My hands were a bit shaky this evening and it's not my best penmanship, but hey! It's free. 

The next piece is called "Infinity". It's the more complex drawing I mentioned last week.

I like the cool color mix. It was drawn and colored in ink and markers. Believe it or not, I resisted using gold or silver this time too! I printed it on water color paper and it came out really nice. You have to be careful with thicker papers, some of them just won't go through a printer.  



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