Dear Dark Diary, (Gremlins... Cont.)

Dear Diary,

Something's not right. I'm sure I forgot a significant detail. 
I cleaned the trunk. With bleach. 
The hammer went out in today's trash pickup.
The shovel is 20-some odd miles in a deep creek...The shovel! I forgot to wipe and sand it down!
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Happy Window

I'm fortunate enough to not have to wash dishes by hand. But if I did, it would be looking out this happy little window.😌

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Gremlins In Suburbia?

She woke to a sound not at all unlike the screaming of a victim about to meet their demise in a bad Slasher B-movie. Turns out it was the doorbell, a service man stood outside the fortress of the front door. He was not expected, but she allowed his entry anyway.

Still shaken from the forgotten dream she'd been having seconds earlier, she heard the familiar swishing sound of the dishwasher. Odd, she thought, I ran the dishes last night. It felt like Sunday. But other evidence pointed to a weekday. My phone. I'll check my phone. Siri always knows what day it is. After confirming it was actually Tuesday, she turned on the coffee maker hoping for the clarity that caffeine brings. 

Somewhere in the middle of her second cup out on the back deck, she heard a real blood-curdling scream in the distance. Armed with the reality that she was a slow runner and still not awake enough to be of any real assistance, she waited for the screaming to stop or the sound of police sirens.

To be continued ...
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