How I Got the Name "Morticia"

Several years ago I sent my niece a birthday card and jokingly signed it: The Addams Family, Uncle Gomez, Aunt Morticia and Cousin It. The only resemblance to the weird and wacky Addams' Clan and mi familia is that we both shared the same an "A" in our sir names. But I’m weird and I do stuff like that to entertain my family (more like myself).   
A few days later, I was on the phone with one of our field guys, John. John had a traveling job, the kind job that if he did not travel, he did not get paid. His office was a laptop, a suitcase and a cell phone and John traveled a lot. He traveled all over the US and globally as well. I was only fortunate enough to see him in our home office once or twice a year and we talked (on the phone) only a few times more than that. Nonetheless, he was my friend and a good one. While talking with John on the phone that day besides 'business', we caught each other up on family stuff and I mentioned the birthday card. Well John thought that was a hoot and immediately started calling me Morticia. He'd given nicknames to several of our coworkers. The guy I worked with in the office was "Gramps" long before his was a Grandparent. But that was how John was, if he liked you, you got a nickname.
Later I found the picture of Angelica Houston as Morticia so I put on a wig, paled my makeup and took a picture, then I shopped my head into it and it became my "Halloween persona" once a year in October. But to John, I was Morticia every time he called.
John died in an accident 2 years ago. He was 51 years old and left a wife and 3 kids. So now, I called myself Morticia for fun and in memory of my friend, John.


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