America's 'Oh Sh*t!' Moment

Niall Ferguson's:
America's 'Oh Sh*t!' Moment

Don’t call me a “declinist.” I really don’t believe the United States—or Western civilization, more generally—is in some kind of gradual, inexorable decline.

But that’s not because I am one of those incorrigible optimists who agree with Winston Churchill that the United States will always do the right thing, albeit when all other possibilities have been exhausted....
My thoughts:
Ferguson says it’s still not too late to avoid the inevitable decline of the American empire. He believes that we can retain our position on the throne of world superpower by reemploying some of the principles (Apps) that have always been part of the Success formula. But while he only touched on the idea, I believe that one of the biggest chinks in our armour is our lackadaisical complacency that we are and always will be the standard by which others aspire. You do not have to be well read to know the Asians are taking the lead (daily) by leaps and bounds. We did not get to be a world leader without working for it.

The attitude of America’s next Generation of leaders: the Y’ers and Z’ers is frightening. We (American Boomers) have raised a lazy and immature generation that neither has the skills or desire to lead, let alone deal with and solve the world’s problems. They’ve lived a life of entitlement and instant gratification. Ferguson also points out that all the Great Civilizations: Rome, Ming Dynasty, Inca Indians etc. were toppled in a matter of 10-20 years. Interestingly enough, that is exactly how much time we have before we turn over the reins to our kids and grandkids. So instead of merely installing a few Apps and rebooting, we need invest some serious time into butt kicking the mindset of a whole generation or two. We have 20 years: Ready, Set, Go.


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