How Keith led me back to John

Sometimes I get more done when I don’t follow a completely organized and prioritized To Do list. On Sunday I finally got around to packing up the Christmas ornaments. Don’t judge. It’s not like my tree was up in the living room or I to take down a bunch of lights off the roof. No, this year or last year I should say, since we weren’t going to be home on Christmas, I downsized the decorating at our house. I had a small 4’ prelit tree and a basket and a few large glass jars filled with ornaments. I had already taken them down to the basement, but had yet to pack them away. Since I’ve been hitting the gym most nights after work, I don’t get home till 7:30 or later and then all I want to do is sit, surf and watch a little TV.

My basement is actually a very large bedroom and bathroom that used to belong to my daughter. Since she moved out it is used for company and a place to store things. I had been storing things out in the open down there for quite some time and Sunday I finally felt like packing up the little tree and 8 boxes of ornaments along with a few assorted trinkets. Once I had the Christmas put away, I began (again) going through some drawers and two large boxes that came “home from college” and were still sitting there collecting spiders.

I’ve planned to clean and straighten the basement every weekend since Christmas, but just hadn’t gotten to it. I think I have flashes, no—floods of Adult ADD. You know where you go to the kitchen to get a drink of water and end up cleaning out the vegetable drawers in the fridge? OR, go to empty the wastebasket in a bedroom and see a magazine and start reading. I also call it: Look-Squirrel! or Chicken! This happens to me a lot, and that my friends is the reason my Christmas decorations were still out at the end of February.

Anywho, back to the cleaning…I managed to fill up 4 large lawn bags of old clothes for donation and clear out those 2 boxes too. In the process I found:

• one missing 3 lb and two 2 lb weights (lost for at least 2 years)

• my yoga book (lost for at least a year)

• AND a copy of Grimm’s fairy tales didn’t even know I had

I wasn’t looking for these items, but it was definitely a bonus! The Grimm’s book was an especially sweet find. Since we’ve been watching the new show Grimm, we’ve noticed the creators have taken poetic license with some of the stories and it seems I’ve forgotten a lot of them anyway. I was planning to re-read the stories and refresh my memory. So, now I have the book! Yeah!

After the cleanup, I had a robust workout with my stability ball, foam roller, hand weights along with some yoga. Somewhere between the workout and the cleaning I remembered I wanted to change out a few CDs in my car’s player and thought some Keith Urban would be a nice change of pace. When I went to our CD shelves, I ended up filing about 20 or so CDs that weren’t back where they ought to be (ADD). While I was putting CDs away I also found a brand new, unopened The John Lennon Collection CD!

Until Sunday, I forgot I had this. Bonus! Bonus! I never was a diehard Beatles fan, (please, no hate mail, I promise you, I am American AND normal-most of the time) but I liked them much better individually after they broke up. And you know what’s even better?? I picked up this CD at a garage sale for $2! 2 BUCKS. Score! I love, I mean LOVE Starting Over, Woman, Beautiful Boy and John’s Stand By Me. If you need a walk down memory lane, give it a listen:

I immediately popped it in the player, usurping my husband’s Allison Kraus (for a change) and have been listening to it at work today and yesterday. When I hear an old song or songs that I have loved and not heard for awhile, I listen to them over and over for a month or so. Does anybody else do that, or is that another Joanne thing?

So now you know how Keith led me back to John. I told you I had Adult ADD.


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