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HellO Alaska!
I want to give a special shout out to readers up in Alaska. Hi guys! Glad to have you. Drop me a line and introduce yourself.

WTH? Sticker Shock
I had to stop at the grocery store last night for some of my foo-foo coffee creamer and some lettuce. Either this just happened or I may have not noticed the last time I went grocery shopping, but, a 32 oz of creamer set me back over $4.50! It takes me a month to go through one of these and I’m pretty sure the last one I bought was at least $1 cheaper. I can only assume that the price of gas is a major factor. What price hikes have taken a bite out of your wallet?

Spring has Sprung --- Yay!
Last night we had thunderstorms, 60mph winds, tornadoes in Kansas and Missouri, and it’s only February 28! I’m digging the 60+ degree temps myself. You won’t hear me complain. Nope.
Daffodils and tulips are budding and have been inching their way up out of the dirt for weeks. The trees are budding and the birds are especially LOUD these days. I’m so excited! I can start playing in the dirt soon. Bring on the Warm, the tulips, the rain, the Easter Eggs…We Are Ready!!

They Call it Voice Mail!
It really ticks me off when a business leader leaves his phone’s ringer on during a (his business-wide) monthly meeting and actually walks out to take a call and then proceeds to tell the person calling, “I’ll call you right back.” Excuse me, your +$400 smart phone comes with a handy feature called Voice Mail! Send me your management faux pas.

Don’t you hate it when…?
You’re on the way to work, passed the halfway point, you cannot turn around and you have the mini panic attack because you fear you forgot to put on deodorant? I did that this morning and because I was flying at 70 mph and wearing a coat, I couldn’t do the hand under the shirt thing to check. Fortunately, I have forgotten the anti-perspirant a few times in my life so I keep some in a drawer at work and a spare in the car for occasions such as this. Weird part was when I finally did check, I didn’t forget—but, I only applied it to one arm! Surely I'm not the only one that's done this?!?

Davy Jones
1945-2012 RIP
Don’t think I can sleep tonight without mentioning that Davy Jones was my official first crush. At the tender age of 8, I fell head over heels in True Love. Back in the day, with only 3 channels of television and still in B&W (at my house), we garnered much of our knowledge from fan magazines. Issues of Tiger Beat and 16 were filled with pictures and interviews of Davy Jones. Every picture I could get my hands on would be carefully cut out and taped or tacked to my then growing shrine dedicated to the cute and perfect Davy Jones. I even wrote him a fan letter. That literary masterpiece oozed of love and adoration from a goofy looking, freckle faced 10-year-old girl from Texas. I just knew that once he received my letter, he would be convinced that he should wait for me until I was 18 and we could begin our Happily Ever After. Ah, memories…


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