Rainy Days, DST and The Rum Diary

I skipped church this morning in favor of sitting in bed with the cat listening to the rain, while drinking coffee and writing. Sitting in bed with a cup o’ Joe on a weekend morning ranks in my personal Top Ten things I love to do. Not feeling guilty about the church thing though, me and God are tight. So it’s all good. But I did lose that hour last night as did a lot of the world and I have to get it back sometime you know. It’s not like they’re going to give me back my hour at work on Monday morning! As far as that Leap Year extra day stuff goes, consider this: financially, you only benefit if you are paid hourly. I am not, so this was a 'day without pay' for me and my employer got to reap those rewards. But if you are paid on an hourly basis or you were born on February 29, Congratulations, I truly hope you had a terrific day and celebration:)
The cat finally stopped biting my feet and has settled down for a short nap, back to this post…

Last night we watched The Rum Diary with Giovanni Ribisi and of course Johnny Depp. You should know that I love Johnny Depp, but that’s not what I want to talk about this morning. Giovanni Ribisi must be one of the most underrated actors in American film and TV today. He played a crazy, alcoholic, fascist writer in this film set in the turbulent 1950s Puerto Rico. It might be classified as a drama but Ribisi’s role was seriously funny and outstanding. I do not understand why he hasn’t won some kind of award yet. The Moberg character was not particularly likeable, but I was mesmerized watching him, the whole time wondering What’s this guy going to say/do next? Of course I credit some skilled writing, but what this guy did with that role was pure poetry! If you get a chance, I highly recommend this movie.

Today’s thought:

Earlier this week I read where the US Department of Justice is looking at potential price gouging for eBook sellers like Apple and B&N. To date Amazon is not guilty as they’ve kept prices down around $9.99. I personally have only recently started using the Nook on my IPad. I (naively?) thought that once we started converting over to E-Books that the price would go down. I mean: no paper or printing costs, no store overhead and no shipping. Why shouldn’t they cost less than a hard bound? What do you think?

Yesterday was a perfect weather day in Kansas City. We had clear skies and 69° F. I watched (my first ever) the Snake Saturday Parade in North Kansas City, Missouri. Reports were that yesterday was the biggest in record attendance. I was not disappointed. Not only were there throngs of people, but the parade went on for two hours! I shot a ton of pictures and because post-processing is my least favorite part of photography, I haven’t begun to look at the shoot yet. Check back later in the week and I will post my capture of the Snake Saturday revelry.

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PS: I’m not drinking out of the Red Mug today, it’s a blue one.


Ann Hearn said...

Great post! I work the night shift. I had the same hours of work last night and went to bed with the bright sunlight. Now here it is evening and I am up to clouds and rain. It will take me a few months to adjust to the time change. Thank you for the book recommendation. I will have to get that.

Unknown said...

Thank You Ann! Hope you get your internal clock adjusted soon.

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