A Real Live Leprechaun! and the Rest of the Parade

Top o the Morning! I know I'm a wee bit late with this post but, tis because me PC has been behaving like a bad lad. So me apologies for the delay.
For nearly 30 years North Kansas City, Missouri has been host to the Snake Saturday Parade. It is held the Saturday before St. Patrick's Day and commemorates St. Patty driving the snakes out of Ireland. Whether or not there were ever any snakes to begin with is not open to debate. The Irish and many Americans don't need truth to get in the way of lore or tradition, especially when celebrations are involved. This post is a photo blog of my first time attending the Snake Saturday parade on March 10, 2012 in North Kansas City.

And what would a St. Patrick's Day or Snake Saturday Parade be without a Genuine Irish Leprechaun! Tis true! He'll only appear once in this post. After you've looked at the other pictures and scroll back to the top, he will have disappeared! Leprechauns do that, they're sneaky little guys.

Genuine Irish Leprechaun!

Opening motorcade


What's a parade without bagpipes!

Crazy Characters...check out their socks

Green hair, green hats, lots of smiles

Lots of motorcycles

No hat Mom. I want a green face and green hair! (and he's just watching the parade)

Those cutie patooty Sweet Potato Queens

Winnetonka High School marching band

Green hats! everyone was wearing them!

 Oak Park High School marching band

I've lived here for 14 years, can you believe this was my first Snake Saturday Parade?

Balloons always look great on floats

The dogs are coming!

Didn't wear anything green? No problem, street vendors can help with that.

Brownie float! Brownies are kind of like fairies and fairies are magical like leprechauns, so of course there were Brownies! Isn't she cute!?!

A clown with his relationship status. Think he's not on Facebook?

More green crazy costumes!

 There were tens of thousands of people at the parade. Most likely the biggest crowd in attendance history!

And with good reason, temperature was in the 70s. The weather was perfect!
This Drill Team was working it!

There were lots of 'Irish' dogs. Not sure if this borders on abuse though.

Wave at the cowboy on the magnificent steed.

This city of Independence brought Engine No. 1. Isn't it a beautiful old truck?
Green beads, they're not just for Mardi Gras

I don't think his hair is that long. What about you?

Best legs in the whole parade!

They are angels!

Those crazy Renaissance folk...here's the Hunchback

These kids worked hard in this parade passing out candy

A Leprechaun with his Pot O' Gold

The Oak Park High School marching band

Green's a good color for her, don't you think?

Check out that balloon sculpture...it's a piece of art!

 In case you were wondering, the photographer wore green too.


Julien Brightside said...

Those were some nice legs with stockings.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful toes!

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