12 Reasons I’m Not Giving the Cat Back

My daughter Andrea (who does not live with us) adopted a 6 month old kitten, Reggie, while on our Christmas visit to Oklahoma. The car trip home was uneventful and considering he was an outdoor stray, he was very well behaved and quite loveable.
On the trip home we noticed his eyes were watering and he sneezed a lot. Andrea took him home to her apartment to live with her 6 month old hound mix puppy and boyfriend. On Day 2, Day T-W-O, she called her dad crying, telling him Reggie scratched the 50+ pound puppy and asked if we would keep him till he got well and declawed (or something like that). So my husband goes and picks up the cat and takes him to the Vet the next morning. The Vet says Reggie’s got a URI and/or a cold, gives us some antibiotics and eye cream and it might take him a couple of weeks to get better. After 2 days with us and meds, his eyes looked better and he wasn’t sneezing much at all. Now it’s been a little over 2 weeks and although I was adamant about not getting another cat anytime soon, my 14 yr old cat died on Thanksgiving, I’m keeping him. This must be how it feels when a birth mother gives up her baby for adoption and in less than a month the birth mother wants her baby back. Well I love him, he lives here now and here’s 12 Reasons why my daughter’s not getting her kitten back: 1. Our house is “cat friendly”—she has a rowdy dog (‘nuf said)
2. Reggie likes it here
3. We love him
4. He loves us
5. We’ve bonded
6. We finally figured out how to give a cat liquid meds getting most of it in the cat versus us.
7. Her boyfriend doesn’t like him anyway (I think he’s scared of the little kitty). I forgot to mention, there was no blood when the kitty scratched the puppy.
8. He doesn’t have to hide (from the dog or boyfriend)
9. He knows where the food bowl is at our house
10. Our resident cat doesn’t eat his food
11. We’re going to move and not tell her where
12. Possession is 9/10ths of the law!


Steve said...

Too cute! A keeper.

Steve said...

Kate approves also, of course, as always.

Mandanya Rafa said...

reasons no 11 and 12 crack me up :))
I love cats too and Reggie is a darling *smooches*

sonagitokki said...

Reggie seems absolutely adorable!

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