He's Mine!

I celebrated my birthday earlier this month and not like those of earlier years, there was no cake or gifts to unwrap.  But--there was a dinner out with my family, a very nice dinner.  Best of all, I got the one gift I really wanted, my Reggie.  This is the new Little Man in my life:

My daughter came through and realized he was well taken care of and most of all Loved. When we picked her up for dinner, she told me I could keep him! I had a feeling my husband may have played at part in this decision because I had blocked her from the link to my blog post where I gave 12 very well thought out reasons why he should be mine and was fairly certain she had not read it (thank God). My husband of course, being the Good Guy he is, told her that Mom really loves him and wants to keep him. On Thanksgiving, my 14+ year old Huzzy died  
and I really did not want another animal, at least not this soon but you can't help it when you fall in love.  Besides, if she came to retrieve him some day, I didn't want to have to lie (and I would have) and tell my daughter that Reggie wasn't here, he had been abducted by aliens or he had ran away with the circus or had gotten a Big Break on Animal Planet.


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