You're Celebrating What !?!

I debated with myself over posting this, but then I won and so here it tis. A few years ago seeing a void in the celebration season between Christmas/New Years and Hell is Freezing Over Day I created a wonderful week of joyous jocularity known as Joannza
Joannza is celebrated during the week in January that contains my birthday, January 16.  Commencing at sunrise on Sunday and ending at midnight on Saturday, to celebrate or commemorate Joannza all you have to do is ask: WWJD (What Would Joanne Do?) and do it. Like any holiday, Joannza involves decorations, special music, a special dinner or feast and of course sending checks, cash and your winning lottery tickets to me.
To celebrate Joannza here's how to get started:
Clothing: Wear pink. Hot pink. All Week. It's even better if your clothing has flamingos on it. If you just can't stomach the pink thing (and some men have a problem with this)--wear something sparkly and shiny! A lot of people wear their platform shoes and satin shirts, dress like this and you're definitely on the right track. Think disco and clowns!
Music: The week of Joannza just isn't complete without, watch for it...Disco Music! For sure Disco has been around for decades, but the peak of its popularity was in the 1970s. So just remember you can't go wrong with Bee Gees, KC & the Sunshine Band or Boz Skaggs.
Decorations: Decorating for Joannza is where this holiday really gets fun. It can be as simple as the prominent display of a photo of me in your bathroom, to a tableau of flamingos, boas, and perhaps a photo of me walking on water, surrounded by hot pink flashing lights. At my house, we tend to take the more subtle approach with a display not unlike a shrine using smaller flamingos, feathers, sequins and photos of me of course!

Then there are those that like to go all out and fill their yards with flamingos!

Food: Here's the easiest part of Joannza, the only mandatory food for a Feast of Joannza is eating chocolate as the first course. It's really that simple. Whether it's a Hershey's Kiss, Chocolate Mousse or a box of Godiva, you make the call. Add your favorite culinary delights and you have yourself an official Feast of Joannza!
So A Joyous Joannza to all! Go out have some fun, wear pink, wear sequins, play some Get Down Tonight-

 eat some chocolate and don't forget to send the cash, checks and winning lottery tickets! 

PS: A major + for celebrating Joannza is that it discriminates against no one.  This holiday is not religion-centered, but more of an equal opportunity holiday for all!
A Joyous Joannza Y'all!

(yard of flamingos image courtesy of: http://www.imagerygroup.net/blog/go-ahead-flock-your-friends/)


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