Adult Security Blanket?

This is my favorite coffee mug. It's a heavy stoneware mug, holds 16 ounces of that hot and delicious caffeine elixir I require mass quantities of to become human each day...and it's Red!

I remember when I was a teenager, and had only been drinking coffee for a few years; my grandfather (we called him Papa) had his special favorite coffee cup. We didn't have mugs in the old days and I doubt Papa would have drank from a mug anyway. He liked his coffee with a cup and a saucer. He drank it with cream (real cream) and 3 spoons of sugar (yep, real sugar too)--then he stirred it. Clink, clink clinkety clink, over and over. After stirring for what seemed like forever, he would pour a little out to cool in the saucer and sip it straight from the saucer. Then after a bit, after it was cooler, he'd drink from the cup. This whole ritual with the coffee drove me nuts! He lived with us, so I witnessed this routine a lot. When he was finished drinking coffee in the morning, he would go to the sink, rinse and wash his special cup and saucer then place them right next to the coffee pot. Like somebody else would actually want to use his cup!

I did not get it. I did not understand what the big deal about the stupid coffee cup was until...until my love affair with the brown brew had taken hold of me and I was no longer able to sleep 12 hours at a time, in one night. I won’t go so far as to say, I can’t drink my coffee with any other cup/mug. But, maybe a favorite coffee mug is like the adult version of a security blanket. Any thoughts? Do you have a special mug?


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